Shrewsbury Orchestral Society

Playing Members’ Information

Policy for appointment of new members

This policy also covers the appointment of section leaders

  • Vacant positions will be published on the website.
  • Vacant positions, including the opportunity to lead a section, will be communicated to the orchestra either by announcement at rehearsal or by email
  • The Secretary shall maintain a list of players who have expressed an interest in joining but for whom there is no current vacancy; these shall be notified in the event of a vacancy for their instrument
  • In the case of several applicants expressing an interest in a position, the conductor/ committee members/section leader (in the case of new members) will decide on the most suitable candidate
  • In the first term of appointment, a position (in the case of section leader) or membership (in the case of a new player) may be revoked if there are any concerns about a player’s suitability
  • Any issues would be raised by the conductor/ committee members/ section leader (in the case of new members)
  • In this instance, the Chairman would explain to the player the reasons for which their membership/leader position was revoked.
  • In the case of revocation of membership, the player would receive a full refund of their subscription for any subsequent terms.
  • All new players fill in an ‘information’ form giving details of their grade, background and requiring them to abide by the policies and rules of the orchestra (to be found on the website); the appointment policy will be found there.